Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Official release of our first album by Viva Hate Records

There was quite a bunch of silence in the Sidewaytown arena over the last months. But well, there was nothing to tell you basically.

This has changed. now. We can proudly announce the official release of our debut album “Years in the wall” by german label Viva Hate Records (Long Distance Calling, Leech, Robin Tom Rink …) on the 27th of november 2009. There will be promotion all over europe and we hope to get some more audience that wanna listen to our soundtracky post rock sound.

We can also tell you that we’ll soon start with the writing process of our second album which will be entitled “Radioactive leaders”. We have a lot of demo snippets on our computer so we just have to sort out and search for the very best. There will be some surprises but generally we’ll try to evolve the sound we’ve invented on “Years in the wall”.

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    Kylie Batt said:

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    Kylie Batt said:

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